Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Limits for the Poker Games

A novice poker player is not well aware of the limit of amounts he needs to invest in the game when he is at the initial stage of his poker career. This thing let them confused most of the time, still they roam here and there in order to get exact information about it, but they hardly get it anywhere.

Ego in Poker Gaming

Most of the thrill and excitement in the poker arrives when the game has played against other players and not the casino house. Thus, there involves the possibility of winning for the player in the long term.

However, you should try to check in your ego concerning poker gaming. Initially, the large number of players engaged in the game loses and the rake has taken by the casino house. If all players were of the equivalent level of skill all would be expecting to lose in the ling term due to the raked amount of money.


In my previous article, I have discussed with you how you can evaluate sign-up bonuses along with asking a question related to it. I know-I know that I have promised you to give answer in this session.

Well, when you look at both the offers, you will find that you will get an actual bonus in terms of $50 i.e. 50%of $100, through the first offer and through the second one, you get $60 as actual bonus i.e. 60% of $100.

Poker Honesty 101

"Two exposed sevens might not mean my pair can't improve." Can you think of five lies that start with three?
Try it. Try! This is called thinking about your game, and the more honest and articulate you are about Your game, the better Your game will get.  Look, I don't care if you lie to Your friends; I don't care if you lie to Your spouse; I don't even care if you lie to me, but you Safe as hell better not lie to Yourself.

If you ask Yourself how much you won or lost last night, how long it took you to do it, and why, you'd better have an honest answer, and not only that but a damn detailed one as well! Because this is the simple stuff, Poker Honesty 101, and if you can't get this part right, you have no hope of mastering the rest.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Strip Poker Rules

Strip poker game is for fun for like-minded adults or for play between intimate couples. Strip poker in its original form is pure draw poker. The flow of the game and the strip poker rules are normally as follows:

  • The players ante in the said number of poker chips or an article of clothing for the ante
  • The standard 5 pocket cards is dealt to each player at the table
  • The players evaluate the hand and they place their bets in chips or articles of clothing.
  • The players choose to discard those cards that do not help them form a winning hand.
  • In most variants they have the option to discard up to 3 cards for due replacement.
  • After the discards, the players get their replacement.

Christmas Charity Freeroll

On Christmas, December 15, iPoker will run a Christmas Charity freeroll. The freeroll features a guaranteed
prize of $15,000 which is paid out as follows:

November Rain

Starting November 14th, iPoker will give out up to $3000 in cash to our cash table players, according to the
raked hands per day thresholds they accumulate.